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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.5 released***

Stoxpoker EV beta 1.0.6 release

You can download the latest version here:

- Solved memory management issues. Large trees shouldn't crash anymore now.
- There were problems if certain numbers got huge, for instance >1 million runs with large betsizes. It's gone now.
- Due to a previous "bugfix" >=tp and >=mp accepted any pocket pair
- Solved some more issues with one and two pair types of hands. That part of the code is very complex. I think I got them all. It was not fun.
- File management has improved. You can now put your savefiles anywhere.

- Installer instead of the winrar nightmare! Standard installation directory: C:/program files/stoxpoker/stoxEVbeta1.0.6
- "Add condition" back to previous single-click method. Sorry for the inconvenience in 1.0.5!
- Manual now includes sections on the new custom conditions menu (See "New")
- Manual now includes explanation of ctrl+c,ctrl+v,ctrl+x,ctrl+z, etc
- Tournament ICM model strongly improved. Much more acurate.
- Range input in the postflop menu now accepts input like 77+, KJ-, etc.
- Default conditions are now called "all hands". Finally a name that I'm satisfied with.
- There is now a link to the manual in the program. It's in the menu under Help->Start manual.

And for my next performance ...
Pffff, it's been quite a week. These were the last vital changes that I felt the program really couldn't do without. Many of these changes will perhaps not even be noticed by some users but having a program will all sorts of hidden flaws in it is just not acceptable in my opinion. I have some ideas of where to go next, rest assured I'm not done developing, but I finally have a version that I'm satisfied with.

And now for the scary part ...
The video manual.
Yes, I'll be making a video about the product demonstrating how to use it and pointing out the most common mistakes new users make.
Scary scary stuff ..
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