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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.5 released***

The problem is that if you make such a drastic step somewhere at the start of the tree everything behind it is dramatically affected. Potsizes, betsizes, reactions to if for instanse performs some action in the hand, suddenly a fold is a showdown, etc. It's going to cause a lot of situations that are unsolvable or near unsolvable.
And even if this is not the case in some special situation, it's just near impossible to write an algorithm that can tell the difference.

Originally Posted by nickdundee View Post
Thanks for the reply. Looking at the tree i refered to again it wouldn't be possible to use the exact same in another spot because there would be only 2rather than 3 players in the decision. Would it be possible though to change a player from a call to fold and then remove all there actions from the tree without having to re enter it all.

For instance if I'm on the BT and i raise and i do a tree where both blinds call. I finish the tree all the way to the river and calcuate the EV. Now i want to know the EV if the SB had folded. It would be handy if there was an option to change his call to a fold but still use the same assumptions for the BT and BB for the rest of the hand. Ok the hand could have been played different with the SB in it but rather than do a whole new tree with the SB folding it would be nice and quick to use the same assumptions.
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