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Re: Smashing Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk: Written Insights on Modern Internet Poker

It doesn't surprise me that my readers are telling me that SFH is demanding to get through. One of them was nice enough to let me know that he began reading it the other day and immediately got a headache. It's tough to read because it was designed to be tough to read. It was very tough to write.
I'm probably the one you are referring to - you forgot to add that I said that I consider it to be a good thing, because it means that the material is deep enough to require full attention and dedication.

As a reader that bought the full package, I feel that the depth of its content is comparable to the depth that one might find in an advanced calculus book, such as this one. I feel the same way about the focus required to study the material absorbing it fully.

Before getting SFH I did get a video analysis done by Jon, that I commented on in his coaching thread. In my opinion comparing the quality of a personalized video analysis and SFH is a little like comparing the experiences of swimming in a pool and in the ocean: it's still swimming, only the depth is vastly different.

In his video reviews, Jon focuses on the individual player's thought process and he explains what the player ought to focus on and think about; in SFH, Jon focuses more on what HE would focus on and think about, as if he were playing the various sessions himself. We get a faithful snapshot of HIS thought process in a wide variety of different real game (and metagame) situations.

This is the best I can do to compare SFH and Jon's individual analysis. I tried to stay as objective as I could, however I will add that I am absolutely enthusiastic and satisfied about the value that I got from SFH (and from the personalized analysis of course, but my feedback on that is in Jon's coaching thread).
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