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Re: Let's ban signatures!

Reading this thread reminded me of a "poem" from a play titled, The Psychoed

As I was going up the stair
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
I wish, I wish he'd go away.

Originally Posted by Lovesantiques View Post

Long ago, probably before most posters on this forum were even born, there were no personal computers. Let alone an Internet, www, forums, etc.

Back then, people were taught that signing one's name to the bottom of a missive was considered mandatory courtesy. And has become an ingrained habit that just feels totally wrong to break, even though intellectually we know that the rules (on the internet at least) have changed and signatures are no longer considered necessary, and by some at least not even desirable.

Thus, some of us sign posts. Even though most don't.

Having said that, I do see a clear distinction between a simple signature (typed, but still a signature IMHO) with perhaps a "regards", "sincerly yours", or something of that ilk, and those who sign with long verbalizings and/or images. The latter get to be bulky, unnecessarily repetitious, and simply make a forum harder to read.

That's my viewpoint, and thank you for asking!

A reasonable explanation and viewpoint. I especially like the comment in the last paragraph. Simple signatures are a quirk or an atavistic twitch that at most is mildly esoteric, hardly annoying, and much ado about nothing. Adding more than that however enters into another realm. A curb on that type of activity by posters may be justified depending on intent. Trying to implement such a curb on verbose signatures however will surely be much more difficult than most here realize. Shooting or hanging come to mind but that as yet canít be done effectively by the exchange of ether waves through the internet.

Perhaps all should consider it a test of stoicism. Those that have none lose out and must suffer horribly; wailing in the darkness, yelling at clouds, eyes bulging from their sockets to the point of exploding, and finally having their minds melt into complete pools of mush. So all in all this is a good thing I think.

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