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Re: Smashing Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk: Written Insights on Modern Internet Poker

Couple of things....

First of all I am impressed with your responses. I don't 100% agree with everything in the above post, but I don't want to post about that at this point, because it takes away the sincere compliment I am offering.

You need to be careful with this board. I would never go into the coaching board and "badger" coaches about there hourly. Coaching is a different animal and a way different product then a book offering.

Digging deeper, I understand how the package works now. That said, this board usually discusses a book and maybe a video or two that is offered; like zero's publication which you have commented on. I know you are cross posting from the coaches forum, but without you taking the time to hammer this home to me, I think there would have been many that would misunderstood exactly what you were offering as well. Everyone is not going to read everything in detail before forming an opinion on you or the product. This board is for book discussion. Video discussion usually is put in the training site thread in the 'Coaches Advice" discussion board, and you know where coaching discussion occurs. Your offering is different then the usual e-book discussed here.

Your promotional video is entertaining. Without being really researching about what is involved, and trust me not everyone is going to read everything in detail about the product, it looks for $75 bucks you get 10 articles. Ok if they are good no problem. $300 will get you the "mini-product" consisting of the 10 strategy articles and 50 pages of your written analysis on a 90-minute student video. Pricey but not lol absurd.

I missed the part about 30 minutes of Skype discussion with you about any of the scenarios that come up in the videos, any of the content in the strategy articles, politics or MMA, or any combination of the aforementioned subjects. Going back, I do see it now.

The HUD setup is video is interesting as well.

Interesting offering, and you have done a very solid job of defending your pricing.

I am not sure I am ready to issue the: "you would be a fool to not grab this package", but if the product is as good as the job you have done defending it, for the first time in one of these threads I might actually declare one of these products worthwhile.

I would suggest you offer a full hour of coaching. What I could fire at you in a half hour would hardly scratch the surface. And your right, I wouldn't be paying $105 for additional coaching after shipping you $500 for the book unless I was completely blown away.

One small bit of advice. Careful about making assumptions about the level of player you are dealing with. Yes, I currently am playing 50 cent sng's on merge with money I won in freeroll's. That's because I don't think it is wise to deposit on Merge right now.

I have played little online cash but you know nothing about my live cash results. I am at a point in life that I don't need to define myself by pretending I am some "high stakes poker baller". Nor would I want to be. I out earn 90% of poker players in my day job and that includes all the top pro's, giving me time to play online sng's at my desk and post on 2+2 and a whole lot more.

I am well past the point of needing to have 16 tables flashing away for hours at a time to earn a living. I play for fun and have no desire to be a professional poker player. That dose not mean I don't take improving seriously. I have had one down year playing live poker in a timespan longer than many posters on 2+2 been alive. So no, I am not 22, but I am smart enough to be hanging out with poker players that are.
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