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Re: Let's ban signatures!

Originally Posted by WalterS View Post
Exactly. I'm glad to learn that more is being done about sigs than I previously thought. Can you share if you warned tompakee or did his signature not cross the line in your eyes? It definitely caused a derail.
I PMed tompakee to ask him to consider not using (or changing) his signature, but I think he already left the FTP thread. And I was very specific in letting him know that he was not in violation of any rules, and that ultimately if he did not want to change his signature he didn't have to.

In my eyes, the signature did not cause the derail. People bitching about the signature in an inappropriate place caused the derail. However, I don't think anyone was infracted, I just deleted a bunch of stuff.

I find it ironic that some of the say people who complain (a lot) about moderator actions and freedom of speech are some of the same people who complained about the signature. Apparently freedom of speech only applies if you personally are not annoyed by it.

That's not aimed at you, OP, just a general observation.
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