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Re: Let's ban signatures!

Originally Posted by caseycjc View Post

Can't say I blame you.
Nah, people care and sigs are annoying. It just turns out that more is being done than I knew apparently.

My other account is in just fine standing and well respected, I started this one so I could A) post about the forums like here without feeling like a huge nerd and B) share more personal information anonymously like this:

Originally Posted by SGT RJ View Post
Mocking people also results in massive derailments of the thread in which the mocking occurs.

Obviously this isn't an issue in forums like 4L or BBV, where mocking and derailments are part of the fun and often result in the best threads, but it's much more a problem in forums like NVG.

Buttsecks Mod
Exactly. I'm glad to learn that more is being done about sigs than I previously thought. Can you share if you warned tompakee or did his signature not cross the line in your eyes? It definitely caused a derail.

Originally Posted by SpeedLimiter View Post
the solution?

Too bad this doesn't work for the derails.
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