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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.5 released***

At this point it's not possible to copy a whole branch of a tree. There's problems because I can't just accept a whole bunch of actions at the same time, the tree could become unstable.

There is however a cut-copy-paste option for conditions and actions. Also you can copy multiple conditions at a time by using the quickselect menu.

Turn on hints and hover over the actions and conditions to see how to do that. It's included in the next manual too. I forgot it until now somehow.

Does that help anything?

PS: 1.0.6 will be out tomorrow. 1.0.5 has some problems with crashing with very big trees because of memory problems. That's gone in 1.0.6.

EDIT: Oh, if possible, could you send me your savefile and a short explanation of where you need this copying of a whole branch? I won't do something with it right now, but in time it may give me inspiration to find a solution for the problem. Thanks!
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