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Re: Orbis = PS4

Originally Posted by Aceium View Post
I used to be a 360 fan but the last year or so I've been PS3 since it still works.

I don't dabble in used games much but the restrictions on used games really puts a sour taste in my mouth. Imagine if cars were like that.

What happens if you have a great multiplayer game and you want to take it over to a friends' house? I'm not putting my PSN account on their machine. Does that mean I can't play the game that I bought? The feeling of "purchasing" or "ownership" of games is going out the window. If that's the way the system works it would feel more like a permanent rental.
Do you people who complain about this realize that Steam has the exact same restrictions? It's kind of ironic and funny, but it also shows the power of PR and good customer service.
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