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Re: Smashing Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk: Written Insights on Modern Internet Poker

cross-posting from tannenj's coaching thread...

Jon sent me a copy of Smash Fewer Holes in Your Computer Desk a few days ago. First let me say that I know Jon because we've been regulars in the same sections of 2p2 and have played in the same games for a number of years. My respect for Jon is a result of my years of reading his incredibly detailed and reasoned opinions on how to best play NLHE.

I'm about 1/3 of the way through the material so far but I wanted to go ahead and post some of my thoughts. This is a unique package that really stands out from the other more traditional educational products.

What sets Jon's product apart is, unsurprisingly if you've ever read any of his posts on this site, his incredible attention to detail. If you think back to when you were a beginning player, you probably never had to think for very long about any of your decisions, because quite simply you didn't know what to think about.

What this product does is show you exactly what a successful midstakes player is thinking about at each point in the hand.

Decision making in poker essentially boils down to an understanding of the math of the game, the HUD statistics at your disposal, and your best guesses about the tendencies of your opponents. Jon's approach here is perfectly suited to that end -- he starts with 10 theory articles that are referenced repeatedly throughout the rest of his material that provide you with a theoretical and mathematical framework for your decision making.

The meat of the product is Jon's written analysis on the three student videos. In this analysis he provides a ridiculous amount of information. I left myself almost all day today to work through just one video and read through his analysis, and I'm still not quite done. Probably my favorite aspect of this material is that each seemingly simple decision is attacked from each angle in several paragraphs.

I think a lot of players have gotten by for a number of years just by knowing better than others about what they should be doing, but without ever really knowing why they should be doing it. Now that games are getting tougher having this deep understanding is more important than ever.

Jon considers some things that I didn't even know were possible to consider. To give one specific example, Jon breaks down a postflop situation in a 3bet pot by considering the relationship between the villain's WWSF and W$SD statistics, and how that relationship gives an accurate look into how villain's range is weighted at that moment.

I can't wait to finish the rest of this product. When I do I'll report back with some more specific examples. Apologies if this post sounds hyperbolic, but I really do think this product is excellent and is easily worth the cost for any 50nl+ player (and probably 25nl players if you can afford it).
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