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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.5 released***

Originally Posted by scylla View Post
Whenever you are involved in a pokerhand you're always faced with decisions. How much money you make at poker is decided by the quality of your actions. That is why every decision has an EV.
It also means that your EV can only be calculated for your decisions.

I'm not sure what you mean by EV for the hand. Could you be a bit more specific?
I understand each decision has an EV.

EV for the hand was a poor choice of expression. I meant the EV for a particular street when the play had several conditions placed upon it. Each condition has a different EV calculation associated with it but I'm assuming the EV calculation that takes all (let's say 3) conditions into consideration is the one that is placed right before everything branches out into the 3 options.
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