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Re: ***Stoxpoker EV calculator 1.0.5 released***

Originally Posted by Narcis13 View Post
Ok i will be more explicit....

So i am Button and i attempt to steal with lets say top 30% of hands...SB fold and BB defend with top 20% but with QQ+ and AK reraise me all in and i will call with KK+ and AKs.
Post flop he put me all in if he hit at least top pair and i will call with at least midle pair , also if he check i will shove 75% of the time. I am shortstack ..lets say 20$ for 100NL and BB has full stack of 100$.
How can i model this? Is it possible to do without a specific flop manually entered?
Absolutely, I've added the pic below

Notice the stop action if the flop goes check check and you don't do the blufshove. I'm asuming that you've given up in that case. The stop action will end the hand and let no one win the pot.

If you have another question let me know!

If you would like this savefile mail me at and I'll mail it to you. I don't think it's possible to share files at this forum.

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