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Re: Brad Booth vs. Phil Hellmuth?

Originally Posted by Kevmath View Post
Brad's contacted me on PM a couple of times, then when I respond back he never follows up. Like it was mentioned earlier in the thread, if he's got something, just put it out there. There's plenty of people who'll give him a forum to say what's on his mind.

i have the up most respect for you, you have done a great deal for the PC-- please have just a little for me-

i have spoke with Russ Fkn Hamilton in the last 2 days...its been mind boggling texting back and forth to a guy who TOTALLY fkkkk'd up my career...its feels like i'm talking to my murderer...not to sure if u understand how that could feeeeel... but it was full of mixed emotions and was quite the adrenaline -russh-

this is a very delicate matter for me and others affected by the scandal, please be patient- i need to make sure i don't bite more than i can chew.

im not looking for attention or sympathy etc..... i have dedicated my life to this beautiful game... called poker, and i have nothing but respect for the game and the poker community.

i didnt expect to hear from Russ, and it has thrown me for a little loooop- i was supposed to meet face to face with him the other night, but he backed out the 11th hour--- sick riv.

on another note-- they couldn't offer me 5 million dollars tomorrow to keep my mouth shut...i will NEVER sell out to myself or the Poker community- the guys involved need to be held accountable.... no more free passes-

i also had a 45min convo with Phil Hellmuth the other night-- i believe he owes and has some explaining to do to the Poker Community

Brad Booth!/YukonBrad

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