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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes: Raising OOP

Originally Posted by Dean Moriarty View Post
You're wrong and I can't imagine Chen saying this. With your strong EP range you're generally commiting a higher % of your stack postflop than with your weak LP range. Therefore you need to raise bigger to cut down on opponent's implied odds.
There are two things.

One the smaller you raise the wider you can make your range, which improves the EV of the hands that were originally in the range.

Two, considering the above it doesn't follow that because your range is stronger UTG than OTB that you will commit more money on average postflop. You can for example fold some overpairs to a flop c-rz if you had raised UTG that you would have to stack off with if you had open-raised on the button.

Say as a thought experiment that you are forced to choose one of two strategies in a 100 BB NL ten-handed game - either (a) you have to open for 6x UTG and 2x on the button, or (b) you have to open to 2x UTG and 6x on the button.

Which would you preferr? Seems to me that (b) is a lot more viable for various reasons.

I think part of the reason people feel like the opposite is true is because they are used to getting more action than they should when they make a big UTG raise without realizing that they are exploiting calling station opponents who could just fold everything but their best hands and possibly their best implied odds hands.

I could be wrong though, this is just what a got from a correspondence with Jerrod a long time ago. I actually have rejected in practice all of the preflop bet sizing stuff I got from them and just do 3x to 4x from all positions depending on stack size.
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