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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes: Raising OOP

Originally Posted by The Bryce View Post

1) As the quality of your range increases you should raise a larger amount with a wider range of hands

I can't tell what you're saying here but it sounds like you're saying that the stronger your distribution the larger you should raise?

If so this is false. (On the authority of Bill Chen anyway.)

The stronger your distribution the more you want action and the less you need to raise to make your opponent indifferent to calling with whatever hand he should be indifferent to calling with.

As a practical matter if someone raises to 4x utg 10-handed and 2x on the button they should be a lot easier to play against than someone who does the reverse. (Fold to the utg unless you're getting odds to crack a big pair, reraise the 2x button raise liberally and also call with hand like T9o that you would have been forced to fold for a 3x raise.)

I didn't read your other thread but if you haven't you should really read Bill Chen's book if you're interested in this stuff.
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