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Re: ***Official SSPLO Beginners Thread - New to PLO? Try this for quick questions/tips/chat***

Originally Posted by stuh View Post
hi guys - just found this thread. 2012 im gonna learn PLO, mostly because holdem bores me a bit and I dont have motivation to get better.

I have a couple of questions:

1) I have read that micro plo is not beatable. Is this true - I am uk based so can play anywhere - is rakeback a must have?

2) Can someone talk me through a HUD

many thanks,

1) its not true, it is definetly beatable, a good rakeback deal will definetly help you though

2) not sure what you mean

Originally Posted by Hookt View Post
How many tables do the huge multi-tablers play? What's the common number of tables for most profesisonal grinders?
I play 12, most player I know do 6
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