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Re: COTW: Planning And Default Line Creation

Originally Posted by la6ki View Post
Thanks for the response!

This bit is interesting. I've seen this discussed in one of the last COTW I read as well. Normally open-limping is pretty stigmatized nowadays. I have never heard of good arguments for this. Is there a 2+2 thread or some other article that you can link to?

Other than that, why is open-limping a hand like 66 better than open-raising? Let's say there is a good chance we'll find ourselves MW. But if we hit our set, we can hope to win a very big pot because it's so much easier to get the stacks in if the initial pot OTF is, say, 13bbs, than if it is 5-6bbs. Doesn't that make us more money in the long run?


What would strongly mean? Is it something like 6x+1 for each limper? This sounds good actually, and now my question is, can we apply the same strategy for when we're open-raising UTG with a bunch of loose fish behind us?
About open-limping...the big advantage is only risking 1bb often, rather than risking 3bb everytime. Hint, this is usually better live where there is less ISOing and more limping along.

there is a difference between opening with fish behind you, and raising when fish have already displayed an interest in their hand. and i have no problem open-raising larger from anywhere with strong hands + fish behind me (ideally in the blinds...but I'll take what I can get =) ).
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