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PT3 HUD for HUSNG games

I'm not a 100% sure if this is the right way and place to do it (mods please move or remove if inapropriate), but I'd like to post my almost free HUSNG PT3 HUD here.

A PT3 HUD that is optimised for Heads-Up Sit & Go games.


What you see is what you get. I didn't want a swarm of stats that are irrelevant or that I never use. Most important stats are out there, split up between a small-blind and a big-blind screen. Stacksize in BB is also indicated.

Color coding:
To see in one blink if villain is overly agressive, stationary or way too tight, just look at the colors and you'll have a decent idea. You'll need some sample size in hands before this gets accurate of course, but it helps to spot big leaks immediately.

It's not for free, but it's as cheap as you want it to be. Just transfer me the amount you think it's worth to you, and I'll mail you the HUD. Transfers to Polycarpus @ Pokerstars, emails to Polycarpus @ gmail. I don't know your stakes or bankrolls, so it's up to yourself to decide what's a fair price.

I warmly welcome all feedback of course. Especialy on the exact tresholds for the colors some finetuning based on in-depth discussions might be needed. Hit me up itt, in pm or by mail.
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