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Re: ***Official Laptop/Monitor/Computer/Grinding Equipment Discussion Thread***

Originally Posted by stanski View Post
Stands for solid state drives. They are supposed to be more reliable and run faster because you don't have a physical disk spinning like in a traditional hard drive. Hard drive speed is the primary factor holding back a lot of performance and this can help with that when you set it up with certain programs that you access often on the drive.

To anyone saying "you don't need a top of the line computer to play poker online and browse 2p2," (not just this thread i read this sentiment all the time in threads like this) really? I and many other poker players spend a huge majority of our lives on a computer, it is the one component completely necessary for my job, and when i'm on it i'm usually playing music, tv shows, downloading torrents, 30 tabling+holdem manager+multiple sites and doing whatever else simultaneously, if we aren't the primary market for souped up machines then who the hell is? Why poker players constantly skimp when it comes to hardware is beyond my realm of comprehension, I just cannot believe the number of people who don't run backup power units, backup internet, multiple computer options, or play on older machines. Theoretically we have a lot of expendable income and spend a **** ton of time on a computer doing a billion things at once, why wouldn't you invest in a super high quality machine?

Not to mention the fact that many poker players also are gamers (and this is actually one area where it actually doesn't matter, playing one game on low settings will pretty much give me the same excitement/enjoyment in life as something that can run some stupid FPS clone at super high settings), are going to make videos (think of all the coaching videos that require video editing software), edit photographs etc. which all benefit from a better computer. I realize the sentiment comes from people who constantly say "oh its fine, you can get by with xxx computer if you just use it for poker and browsing 2p2, poker sites use up no resources!" but its really scary just how truly bad this advice is, use your brain we ARE the top echelon of people that top of the line computers are needed for when I have 20 programs running simultaneously and if one of them lags/****s up it potentially could cost me hundreds/thousands of dollars.
There is a huge difference between power and reliability. What you really should cherish is reliability. Nobody is saying things like backup internet is a bad idea, but I am saying that paying for a huge CPU is not required.

You have to remember that not everyone is as well off as you may be. Spending $500 more on a PC than is required isn't in the interest of all poker players. It's all a personal assessment wrt the utility of $500 into a powerhouse PC vs into saving/partying/traveling/car payment.

I've personally only made one high price item recommendation for both performance and reliability: SSD. I think you are misguided if you think a modern midrange PC cannot coast through all the tasks you listed.
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