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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

#1 reason not to do 5x raises imo is that I want to play deeper in position, and
Ah, but how deep do you need to be? Really, for practical purposes, you're just as deep when your opponent calls a 3x raise OOP as when he calls a 5x raise with 400bb stacks, that extra action isn't really going to come up enough for it to have value.

If you open to a larger amount and bet larger amounts you can bluff slightly more, but since your opponent is going to have tighter ranges doesn't that mean that your value bets can't be as thin?
Right, your average equity, bet size, and bluffing frequency are all co-dependent, meaning that your average equity when called affects your bet size, your bet size affects the amount you bluff, and the amount you bluff affects your average equity when called. To solve this stuff outright you need to get into calculus (which I can't do) or you can ask Excel to solve the simpler ones, and program like Maple for the more complex stuff. They have a pretty good breakdown of this in chapter 14 of MOP.
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