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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

Originally Posted by Terkman View Post
Why would you want the pot to be small? If you raise bigger his range will be a lot more defined than if you 3xbb. Making 4,5-5xBB raises super deep is imo v good against weaker opponents that will adjust poorly (do things like go into raise or fold mode, 3betting just pot giving you 2-1 pot odds to take a flop in position deep stacked, folding their bb way too often ect ect...)
Yeah this all sort of depends how bad the opponent is, and in what way. I feel much more comfortable raising big deepstacked because that is consistent with the kind of match I want, BUT I still think the same reasons for betting small apply if you would do it with 100bbs.(maybe up to a point. 350-400bbs or something..?) If people play reasonably well, and are a typical HU player of today they are gonna have an easier time punishing a 5x than a 3x.

The main reason for keeping the pot small obv would be having room to play postflop. If your opponent is prone to making mistakes on the river for 200bbs you should let him have 200bbs by the river.

I really agree about the comfort zone thing, and wish I was better at exploiting it.
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