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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

I completely agree with op, x4 and x5 BB raises are underused as pot size gets bigger, but to just to be devils advocate:

- vs a lot of overly aggressive players (and there are a ton of them in the hu games), when u raise more ur ruining your implied odds preflop and on the flop (if he frequently checkraises). When you have more chips in relation to the pot size you generally can call more preflop reraises or flop checkraises either in order to hit big, or for a bluff on a later street.

- if you keep increasing your preflop raise size you might accidentally correct your opponents play. For example someone playing 80% of their hands preflop from the BB (which im sure everyone agrees is a pretty huge mistake) might call 3x and 4x raises and think nothing of it, but once u start going to 5x and 6x raises they might start to think of ways to exploit what seems to them like abnormal and thus incorrect preflop play. Vs a lot of players you kind of have to take a "dont fix it if it aint broke" mentality and keep them in an exploitable zone.
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