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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

I like this topic a lot. I won't comment on what anyone else has said here, but want to contribute some of my own thoughts.

First, there is definitely a limit to x when opening xBB. I think it was stated above, but stack sizes are somewhat less important than blind sizes in the 'ideal' formula for how much to open. Basically I believe that throughout 100BB and yBB (y=400?) stacks, the stack size should be a factor in how many BB you open with. Once you start getting over 400BB, the stack sizes become less important, as opening with too many BB will allow:

1. Opponent to tighten up and play better hands (in general) profitably.
2. Opponent will 3 bet profitably with a better range.

Regardless of stacksize. (I say regardless, but of course if villian is bad enough it may still be profitable .. see note at bottom). Of course, 1 and 2 vary depending on the quality of your opponent.

A point I would like to add is that assuming you stick with your standard opening range, and you realize a particular cap on your open (say, 6BB @ 400BB stacks, as an example), there is the potential a smart opponent could take advantage of this.

For (a very simple) example, if the opponent knows 10Js and AA are in your range, he can profitable play something like AJ, by 3-betting the frequency you would have 10Js more likely and folding otherwise. If however, you were to vary your open 'randomly' between 3BB and 6BB, it would make it much more difficult to take advantage of this. Ideally, you could bet 3BB and 6BB exclusively at the frequency which you would receive either hand, thus making it impossibly for opponent to 3bet you profitably. (This is a similar example of Game Theory presented by Sklansky in Theory of Poker).

So my point is that I like the idea of increasing your open, as stack sizes in crease (to a cap). But I think it should be more random to make it harder for your opponent to correctly play against you.

My Note: Technically, you could (somewhat) remove the ideal opening 'cap' if your opponent is bad enough that you believe you have enough implied odds on your hand to make the larger open profitable. I think a lot of people have suggested this by saying how the opponents usually make more mistakes on the turn, but not explicitly.
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