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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

Originally Posted by The Bryce View Post
One thing to point out is that with GTO play your range becomes as your raise size becomes bigger, and vice versa. This is because as the odds you are laying your opponent to call become worse the amount that you can bluff goes up. So suggesting a larger raise size at different stack sizes also suggests somewhat widening your range (how much I can't say). As you mentioned here this may encourage your opponent to re-raise a lot against your wide range, but with deep stacks and position and (presumably) an edge over your opponent this does not, of course, necessarily translate into a bad thing, even if you are folding often. With a 5x raise as opposed to a 3x raise you would be losing an extra 2bb pre-flop the times you folded to a re-raise, but you would make the pots you chose to play in position 67% larger.
I don't think this is accurate at all Bryce. If you were minraising on the button as a standard raise, you could easily raise 100% of your buttons (laying 1.5 to win 1.5, it's +EV on its own if villain folds 50% or more, which is fairly common OOP even if it is a minraise).

If you are raising to 10xBB, you can't be raising more than like 20% of your hands before you get anally raped.

Also, I think one key thing you are missing is that you can always change your flop/turn/river bet sizes if you want to play a big pot.
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