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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

Originally Posted by tomahawk View Post
Well, the biggest reason why I'd raise to 3bbs with 100bb stacks still apply deeper. You force him to open his callingrange in the BB, thus you get to play alot of pots in position with deep stacks to manouver as you want.
If he doesn't start calling more and just folds all his BBs, then you have the advantage because of stealing lots of blinds, and

-when he calls the pot is stil small, you have pos, and he has a defined range while you have any 2 cards.

-to his reraises you can choose to fold and give him the 3bbs, which you'll get back pretty fast due to his tightness oop, or play a reraised pot deep in pos with a wide range of hands, depending on the raisesize.

-if he starts reraising big frequently you can choose if you want to join the variance-fest (and possibly increase your expectation a little) and 4 bet light, call and float, etc, or you can just try to get good hands and take advantage of his disproportionally large reraises compared to your open. Either way you should come out well ahead if you have an edge to begin with.
Why would you want the pot to be small? If you raise bigger his range will be a lot more defined than if you 3xbb. Making 4,5-5xBB raises super deep is imo v good against weaker opponents that will adjust poorly (do things like go into raise or fold mode, 3betting just pot giving you 2-1 pot odds to take a flop in position deep stacked, folding their bb way too often ect ect...) IMO vs a lot of opponents raising 2,5xbb is optimal when playing w 100bb stacks. I really think most people should try and vary their raise sizes more hu because unexperienced opponents often don't know how to react. Tight opponents won't know how to respond to laggy players opening for 2,3-2,5xbb (100bb deep). They realize they can't continue just playing premium hands and will have to play back at you more, which is good for you because you get them out of their comfort zone. You get them to play a game they don't really want to play. Tons of bad lag players (stupid scandis) will call from the bb way too often deep stacked when you raise big, letting you play bigger pots in position. Most of my edge in heads up matches comes from getting people out of their comfort zone and make them play a different style of poker than they usually do. Very interested in hearing other peoples thoughts about this and really hope we can have some interesting discussion about the subject.
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