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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

As sauce points out, the main problem is just that as we raise bigger as opposed to more often, we are going to end up allowing villain to simply fold. Keep in mind his goal isn't to win money in the SB, it is simply to lose less than you do. If you are opening large enough that he can play a much tighter range of his hands, he can balance a lot more easily (as there is less air to spread around). You allow villain to play a fairly tight range of hands and simply 3bet his entire range, negating somewhat your informational advantage and lowing effective stacks.

A raise to 5x with ATC is profitable if villain calls less than 23% of the time. Obviously it can still be profitable if villain calls a lot, but villain can even 3bet 25%+ of his hands if you are opening all your buttons or nearly all.
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