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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

The more your opponents are willing to call the more you can raise and still expect a gain in EV. Keeping the pot small is good for control and feeling out your opponents early in a game. It also accomplished losing less when you lose the pot. If your raising as much as you should be your opening quite frequently and that bet size controls the pace for the rest of the action. This is especially true vs tight players, too often they are willing to fold there hands no matter what you do so keeping it small is highly beneficial because they are only playing back when they have the goods. When you find you have a donk thats calling lots of bets before the flop and even as you choose to escalate there sizes why continue to bet small. In situations like these I usually increase my bet size to 5-6 bbs to start and if hes calling them with ease then Ill make it even bigger, and when I have a premium hand I will really try to tax him with 8-10 bb bets. This also adds deception value to your later bets because if people are paying attention they will read your smaller bets later on as weak and you can exploit them playing back at you light. Bet sizing should be determined by your oppoents style of play not yours.
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