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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes

i have been experimenting with changing my preflop raise with stack sizes lately. between real matches people buyin for strange amounts between 20-60bb instead of 100. its easy money so i play but i think i get more edge by minraising, 2.5x raising and even limping(if confronted i'll deny this) preflop. this experiment was inspired by the (semi)recent 2+2 prof no limit book which i believe gives a solid argument for raising the amount that leaves the stacks with roughly 3 pot sizes bets post flop.

why am i not experimenting with bigger raises as stacks get deeper? uh, laziness. hitting pot is only 1 click, a limp, 2x or 2.5x is just a couple clicks, but scrolling to a 4x or 5x bet is like i dunno...8 clicks? (8 looks like a rotated infinity symbol imo) and i need real EV to input numbers which i dont think the first preflop raise can deliver.
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