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Re: Let's Have a Discussion about Open-Raise Sizes


i recently played a fun lil match with u on FTP, and i at first i thought u were a complete idiot with the 5bb experiment. i think it was pretty gross 100bb deep, but gained a ton of value as stacks got deeper: you also balanced well enough that a sheer overaggro 3betting strategy was sure to get me crushed oop which is of course the first step as thats what all ur opponents r going to try first id imagine.

i think we need some kind of system to quantify our postflop advantage: and the best i can think of at 2 am is a ratio of PSBs after the flop relative to stacksize.

we then need to figure out if say--- the 5th and 6th potsize bets postflop are going to occur frequently enough and if we are going to be able to gain a significant enough edge when they do occur to make a "std" 3 bb raise size correct as stacks get deep; my gut feeling is that they wont and that as stacks get deeper we want to raise to a size which leaves us with around 30x the pot behind in a raised pot so we can peel 3bets with a pretty wide range and 4bet etc....

my main reservation is that this might be an oversimplification and that another sound strategy as stacks get deeper would be to 4bet a much wider range than is standard and apply pressure that way. the obvious drawback is that our opponent then has an easy decision point to flat a wide range in the BB to the first raise and deny us our 4bet which isn't present in the open raise scenario.

so my conclusion as of now Bryce is that you are correct: as stacks get deeper we should be taking our opponent's pre and postflop tendencies into account and raising to a size which leaves us an optimal ratio of PSBs both when called and 3bet...
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