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Re: Lock Poker has questions to answer [ref girah scandal] (X post from NVG)

Context, these two things do not contradict each other.

'Although Josť won enough money from his own IP to have legitimately won the challenge'

is not the same as

'Jose legitimately won the challenge'

just as

'If I were blessed with telepathy, I could legitimately get any woman I wanted'

is not the same as

'I could legitimately get any woman I wanted'

I realize I started it, but I'm not trying to get into a word parsing contest here. All I was trying to illustrate, is that the issued sentence in the statement is factually true, and does NOT necessarily mean what everyone is implying it means. That's not to say that should clear up the entire matter or anything, but everyone seems to be latching onto that sentence and assuming it means something that it does not. IMO it was a bad choice to include that sentence in the first place, not just because of what happened now, but because if someone is being DQ'd from something it really doesn't matter if you could have won without the DQ. you got DQ'd so you didn't win, period.

It would be like if Usain Bolt, who recently was DQ'd from a 100M event for a false start, tried to say 'I would have won if it weren't for the false start!'. Well, maybe, but it's pretty irrelevant.

At any rate, i'm not trying to deflect from the main issues. I was specifically asked about it so I was trying to provide a clear and complete response.



Originally Posted by afallacy View Post
So in my previously quoted statement ,

"Although Josť won enough money from his own IP to have LEGITIMATELY WON THE CHALLENGE, the unfortunate fact remains that breaking the rules is strictly disallowed." - RIZEN
"To this day this is factually true. This is why I think intent was so important. In hindsight the wording was REALLY poor for sure, but it was never said he 'legitimately won' the challenge, in fact if he 'LEGITIMATELY WON' then why would he be DQ'd in the first place?" - RIZEN

RIZEN is in fact contradicting himself one sentence after another?
It seems to me he said he did legitimately win. Then quoted himself saying that he never said he legitimately won.
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