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Re: Lock Poker has questions to answer [ref girah scandal] (X post from NVG)

Originally Posted by LockRizen View Post
Because as far as the Bluff Poker Challenge was concerned, this was closure. That is what the statement was about, the challenge.
I don't agree that the statement was just about the challenge, it was also about Jose. If it was just about the challenge it would have said girah DQ'd, prize goes to second place finisher. Instead it also talked about how Jose was an "exceptional player" and could learn from his mistakes etc.

I believe it also suggested closure when it referred to legitimate play apart from the one instance mentioned. Lock CEO said this:
".... we have found that he broke some rules and that will not be tolerated by Lock," said Jennifer Larson CEO/Owner of Lock Poker. "We pride ourselves in standing for trust, legitimacy and loyalty. The truth is sometimes hard to stand by but it is the only way we can move forward. Although Josť won enough money from his own IP to have legitimately won the challenge, the unfortunate fact remains that breaking the rules is strictly disallowed. The fact remains Jose is an exceptional player and I firmly believe that mistakes only lead to greatness if learned from."

Saying he legitimately won the challenge would seem a bit premature if the audit wasn't complete.

Lock also allowed Jose to include this in the same release put out by them:

"... but I truly had no intention of circumventing the rules in any way. Though it is no excuse, I want to be fully transparent at this point to let the poker world know what has happened and why. The computer in question was my backer, who logged into my account to check my balance and ended up playing some $25/$50 PLO while I was asleep and lost some money. Though on the merit of my own legitimate play I had enough winnings to win the Bluff Challenge, ...."
which also indicates that it was all legit apart from the backer incident.
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