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Re: Lock Poker has questions to answer [ref girah scandal] (X post from NVG)

Originally Posted by LockRizen View Post
From the statement:

To this day this is factually true. This is why I think intent was so important. In hindsight the wording was REALLY poor for sure, but it was never said he 'legitimately won' the challenge, in fact if he 'legitimately won' then why would he be DQ'd in the first place?

Yes, in hindsight the statement should have obviously just read 'Breaking the rules is strictly disallowed and Jose has been disqualified' and everything else just left alone.

The statement says nothing about 'winning enough to win the challenge via legitimate play' though, just that there was enough money won from his IP to have won the challenge. I realize that's semantics, but there is a big different between an over-zealous PR group trying to put a positive spin on things and an elaborate cover up.

I didn't say there was a cover-up (not in this post anyway).

But I take your point, since the wins occurred on the Girah account and that IP address, the assumption was that Jose played them. That doesn't explain how an obvious chip dump was missed, but perhaps that was part of the audit that wasn't finished yet?

I'm honestly not trying to make it sound as if I believe there was a cover-up; I'm waiting to see what else Lock has to say on the matter.
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