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Re: Lock Poker has questions to answer [ref girah scandal] (X post from NVG)

1) Yes, there was an audit. I cannot speak to the extent of the audit other than the say that at the time of that statement (it went out May 4th, challenge ended May 1st at midnight) it had not been fully completed yet, but enough was known to know that he needed to be DQ'd and a rightful winner needed to be both verified and awarded. The statement came out ~72-96 hrs after the challenge was over. The eventual winning account, Michael Drummond, was the only one with a fully completed audit from the challenge at the time of the statement to verify that he did indeed win the challenge without breaking any rules.

2) I cannot other than to say that the site does not handle the audits itself, because many of the security items involved in an audit can take place on multiple sites (theoretically, in a 9 max game there could be players from 9 different sites) audits are handled on the network layer, as they are the only ones with access to all of the necessary information. So no site on the network has 'general audit procedures'. I realize this is symantics though, and I'm not allowed to explain the general audit process for the network at this time.

3) I cannot give any specific strategy around how we select our pros, as I'm pretty sure most sites wouldn't give away their marketing strategies. Where possible, we verify results and claims. Online through sites like PTR, OPR, sharkscope, etc and live through the hendon mob, bluff, card player, etc. There are obviously sites that aren't tracked and cash game results can be particularly tough to verify live or online, but due diligence is done. I cannot speak specifically to how Jose became a pro on the site.


Originally Posted by SGT RJ View Post
Can you or the site confirm or deny if an actual audit took place on the "girahh" account after the Bluff poker challenge? If so, what was the extent of the audit.? If not, why did the site claim that an audit was done?

Can you explain the general audit procedures for the site?

Can you describe how pros are usually selected, and what process (if any) you use to verify a sponsored pros results and or claims? Can you specifically describe how Jose came to be a pro on the site?

I understand if you can't answer any of the specifics, but a general idea of Lock's policies for hiring pros and auditing accounts for suspicious activity might be helpful.
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