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Re: Lock Poker has questions to answer [ref girah scandal] (X post from NVG)

1) I will check the status. I can't speak to the particulars until it is filed, but I'll see if I can get a time frame or status on that though. Once it is I assume it will be public I assume so it should be accessible, although I'll admit I'm not 100% familiar with what jurisdiction it will be in and how much information is public there.

2) I have absolutely no idea, I can ask but my best guess is that the amount of time it will take has A LOT of variables involved and I won't get any sort of estimate. I know there is a balance between getting things done quickly as well as making sure due diligence is done.

3) I'll ask on this along with the first. My best guess is that I won't get an exact answer as generally it's a bad idea to let your opposition know your plan ahead of time. I might get some sort of general idea though.

4) I'm willing to address everything that I can, and willing to pass along any questions and/or concerns to the appropriate people and try and get answers. I will directly address anything that is posed to me in this thread, although I cannot promise that I will be able to or allowed to answer it all. If that sounds convoluted basically if you directly ask any question I will either answer it, tell you I'm not allowed, or ask someone else for the answer or if I'm allowed to answer it.

Assuming that the factual questions that followed were being asked, I really doubt the hand histories will be provided. I can ask, but I say that because a few weeks ago I was dealing with a user that had a hard drive crash and wanted Merge to send all of their hand histories to them to restore their database. i was told users may have the ability to request that sort of information from the client in the future, but that Merge wouldn't provide that sort of hand history data now. If they won't give me a user's own hand histories to restore their database, I doubt they'll agree to release someone else's PLO HHs to the public. I did let them know that it is VERY important to serious players to be able to get access to their hand histories (for record keeping purposes, tax purposes, many others), and that we needed to make this available to users if we wanted to attract and keep more of the professional/serious community.

On the player identity, I can't speak to the specifics of Jose's contract or any pending litigation, but I think it's safe to assume that adhering to network/site rules is a part of any pro contract for any site, and that any sort of potential collusion or multiple people playing on an account is in violation of network/site rules on all sites that I'm aware of, so I doubt that I'll be able to release the identity as it may related directly to a dispute over whether an existing contract may have been violated, assuming that the contract would be coming into question as a part of any litigation.

5) I'm not sure right now. Like I said above if you have specific questions you can direct them toward me, and I will answer them as completely as I can/am allowed.

6) I'll answer what I can here. I stopped tracking the NVG thread as much because it's a real pain to have to log out, log in under my Rizen account, and read/post. I seriously doubt anyone else would be available for any interview at this moment in time, and I doubt I would be allowed to do any formal interview beyond answering questions here at this time.

I realize this may or may not be worth much to anyone, but anyone who knows about me or my history should know that if I ever found out that Lock itself was knowingly involved or complicit in any sort of cover up I would cease to be associated with the site.

That doesn't by any means mean that with the benefit of hindsight that different decisions might have been made, and I'm fairly certain that no one from Lock would say any different if they were to answer honestly. It does mean that I'm comfortable at this time with the decisions Lock itself made based on the knowledge had at the time and the choices at their disposal.

Before anyone tries to parse my words too carefully, I can really only speak to the Lock specific part of things as that is where I have the most knowledge/transparency. I have very little insight once it leaves Lock and goes to the network, which is why I was very specific in saying Lock itself, not because I have some sort of knowledge that would imply something outside of Lock took place, I just honestly don't have that level of visibility.

I realize that this means little to most without sharing the specifics so that they can come to their own conclusions about their comfort levels before making a decision where to put their hard earned money, and I'm sure I'll get at least a few flames for not being 100% direct/transparent. I'm being as complete and forthcoming as I can at this time.


Originally Posted by raidalot View Post
What type of legal action is underway?

How long is it expected to take?

What is the expected timeline before we see something public like a court filing?
Is Lock willing to answer factual questions (which should not interfere with any legal process) such as hand histories or the identity of the account that lost the 25/50 PLO session?

What aspects of this situation is Lock willing to discuss?

Is somebody from Lock willing to answer basic questions either here or some other venue such as an interview?
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