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Re: Lock Poker has questions to answer [ref girah scandal] (X post from NVG)

Originally Posted by raidalot View Post
What type of legal action is underway?

How long is it expected to take?

What is the expected timeline before we see something public like a court filing?
Is Lock willing to answer factual questions (which should not interfere with any legal process) such as hand histories or the identity of the account that lost the 25/50 PLO session?

What aspects of this situation is Lock willing to discuss?

Is somebody from Lock willing to answer basic questions either here or some other venue such as an interview?
For some reason I'm kinda not buying the "legal action" thing at least in the terms we are thinking of. I think it may be more in line with Lock severing ties with him and making sure both parties are aware and understand the legal ramifications (he no longer can play on their site and he no longer is part of the lock team as well as no longer receives any perks that he once did)

I highly doubt they are trying to take him to court for anything. IDK
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