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Re: Triplechain

Originally Posted by Dynasty View Post
I've only scanned TH10's post.

He made several references to ways in which to get very high bonus #s.

However, that shouldn't be a goal when going for a high score. We established in the LoL thread that the optimum bonus was 23. Anything more or less than that is sub-optimal.

I'm a bit surprised the 23 bonus isn't the foundation of advanced play.

Yes, 23 is the best possible bonus, however it is quite difficult to get exactly that. By looking at that table you posted, you can see that 21, 22, 24 and 25 are very close to optimal, so that is the range we should be aiming for, 21-25. That is the reason why it is good to have room to get the bonus at least up to 24, even better if it is possible to get bonus up to 25, although we would be perfectly happy to only get a bonus of 23. The thing is, we don't want to waste any 1s/2s/5s/6s, since getting a game where we have to play no or just a few 3s/4s doesn't come by all the time, so if that means taking a bonus of 24/25 instead of one/two non-scoring dice, so be it. The foundation of advanced play is to get bonus in the range 21-25 and all other dice 5s/6s, preferably with the bonus exactly at 23, and more 6s than 5s (or no 5s at all).

One more thing regarding 2s. We can pair the 2s between two zones (in this case top and right), instead of using the middle zone to pair them, usually this happens in the later rounds, most likely rack 7/8. The square marked with X should then be 5/6(/1) and the square with black circle can be another 2, it could've been played there earlier and then with 2x2 in a later rack (or vice versa), the 2s can be connected like shown here, leaving the 2 in the middle zone waiting to be paired in rack 9 if it can't be paired before that. In that case we can't play 1 to the middle in 9th rack though, unless of course we get no 2.

Don't know if they are optimal, but here are some guidelines I have for manipulation use, if anyone is interested. Don't start with a rack, where manipulation is needed. If two or more manipulations are needed in the 2nd rack, start a new game (can be frustrating). If a rack has for example 34651, and 3->any hasn't been used, use it first, if it becomes 4, re-roll rack. This is because not counting re-roll rack, there are only up to two ways of getting rid of 4s, and up to five ways of getting rid of 3s, so it is good to use re-roll rack as an extra way of getting rid of 4s. Of course something like a rack of 33335 should be re-rolled too. Save the 1->any, an 2->5 as late as possible, it is usually good to have them available for 9th rack.
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