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re: MI_turtle WSOP Main Event 1.25 Mark-up - ITT Nick Rainey scams people for thousands of $.

Originally Posted by looshle View Post
Lol @ u

You find it strange that im trying to help? Pretty sure in a community like this w so much money changing hands and little to no contracts regarding that money it's everyone's duty to make sure things are right if they have any control.

He has 2% of my friend. If he clearly owes people money i feel it's my obligation to not hand his piece over to him but rather to the people he owes. I agreed w you that he likely doesn't have the money to pay back right now hence the other thread of him selling off a bunch of ****.

Actually, my bad. My reading comprehension failed me. I was confused. A nice gesture, sir.

Is your friend still in it?
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