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re: MI_turtle WSOP Main Event 1.25 Mark-up - ITT Nick Rainey scams people for thousands of $.

Glad to hear Nick is paying back the money - if anyone is still owed $, please let us know.

Originally Posted by pageh656 View Post
unless those mods tell the person who reported them, thats a good motivator to help patrol the marketplace
This is how it's supposed to work; posters shouldn't be told who reported them. I can't guarantee 100% that it would never happen since mods are volunteers and of course mistakes happen, but I will mention this again in the mod forum to try and help with it. Post reporting is definitely a big tool in the Marketplace so we'd appreciate the help. While we don't want to be inundated with reports over silly stuff, when in doubt, report it IMO. Just keep in mind you won't often get a direct response to a post report, but if it's important to you you're welcome to follow up with a mod of the forum in question to find out what, if anything, happened. Depending on the situation, it's possible we won't be able to share everything with you, but we'll do what we can.

Originally Posted by plo ufo View Post
For clarification, which mods gave you permission to start this account or do you have another one you were referring to thats not 'funnerwitbunner'?
I'm looking into this some more. This whole thing seems to be something of a communication issue that I'm working to improve in the mod forum. It seems we have mods with different pieces of information that weren't shared. Ideally, that's what user notes are for, but unfortunately people get busy and this doesn't always happen the way we'd like.

Keep in mind that no one actually had to give him permission to start the account, he may have just gone ahead and done so.

Originally Posted by plo ufo View Post
Also, out of my own curiosity, who changed funnerwitbunner's under title?
It would have to have been a red (admin) AFAIK, and I'm looking into this as well.

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