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Re: ***Official SW Monthly Thread February*** : LC / OT / Trivial / Easy posts go her

Very cool idea, I am not sure if these have been covered somewhere (I have actually searched, but admittedly not intensely) so I thought I would ask.

1) Is there an AHK (if even possible) that adds more filter functions to the stars lobby beyond hat they offer? I hate the fact that my game happens to be in the middle of the extremely LONG list of games at a certain level.

2) I am sure this next request is not something people are all that into doing (as I have offered $$ for it, and still nothing) so maybe a few links to get me going in the right direction to do it myself.

Essentially I am looking for something to help me track my profit/loss at the HORSE tables. I jump from table to table (site to site) quite a bit and do not always keep track of ho much I buy in for/leave with. It would be great to have an app that could just keep track of it and maybe export it to an excel filer or something.

anything on these two questions would be greatly appreciated, cheers guys.
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