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Re: FTP's Rogue Payment Processor PMI is back again! Double-Charged? Check your statements!

Originally Posted by dstock View Post
My question is, if these were suppose to be legitimate transactions, why were they encrypted differently? To ensure that they went through? How can Full Tilt make a mistake in sending a batch of payments for processing for an amount that I never have deposited with them? It had been at least 2 years since my last deposit with FT.

IF Full Tilt actually sent e-mails like what you suggest they did, then this seems to be a flat out lie. The only logical conclusion is that FT was in on the scheme.
FTP didn't send emails about PMI.

FTP sent emails about the original Western Clear problem.

The descriptor which will show on your bank statement for this deposit is "WESTERN CLEAR" and will differ from the descriptor originally communicated to you. The descriptor originally communicated to you was "MAS 8773094831"
The batch that got mishandled by the bank were some subset of the Western Clear batch.

PMI, like many other payment processors out there, looks shady because all of these processors have/had to do that during pre-BF to keep funds flowing.

A very small subset of people got charged anything other than duplicates of what they deposited in

I've got no love for FTP right now, and I had $600 in limbo because of this, but we've got all the story we're going to get. I received a series of very earnest mails from Doug with I honestly believe to be the truth - at least as it was relayed to him.

  • They should have been more responsive early.
  • I should have never had to make this thread.
  • They should have notified all their customers in the Western Clear batch.
  • They should have compensated us for our troubles.
  • They should have issued an earnest apology and a full explanation.
  • They should have openly pursued action against PMI and/or their bank*
...but there's no great mystery to unravel. An idiot at FTP's bank put some eggs in the wrong basket, and PMI just did what they're supposed to do - collect high risk funds transfers in the UIGA era. Idiots at FTP couldn't figure it out until we stuck it under their noses, and then idiots at FTP didn't manage to do enough of the right thing except repeat how they were looking into things and would have a full statement for us -- and then Black Friday happened. [We are actually mentioned in the final FTP updates...]
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