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Re: FTP's Rogue Payment Processor PMI is back again! Double-Charged? Check your statements!

Originally Posted by The Palimax View Post
You can disagree, but FTP knows what happened - at least to the extent that they'll ever know.

FTP sent a batch of payments for processing. That batch got incorrectly marked Western Clear - per the email they sent people at the time. Some of that batch got mishandled by the bank, and ended up getting re-re-processed by PMI.

I'm not sure what you want FTP to tell us at this point.

And Full Tilt was down for " Scheduled Maintenance" most of yesterday. So yeah, I believe everything they tell us.

Back to the point, when I went to my bank for the PMI fiasco, I was going to initially put a ' stop payment' on PMI. My bank looked at the transactions and stated that each one was coded slightly different, and a stop payment would be insufficient, changing account numbers would be the only way to stop it.

My question is, if these were suppose to be legitimate transactions, why were they encrypted differently? To ensure that they went through? How can Full Tilt make a mistake in sending a batch of payments for processing for an amount that I never have deposited with them? It had been at least 2 years since my last deposit with FT.

IF Full Tilt actually sent e-mails like what you suggest they did, then this seems to be a flat out lie. The only logical conclusion is that FT was in on the scheme.
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