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Re: FTP's Rogue Payment Processor PMI is back again! Double-Charged? Check your statements!

Originally Posted by poker viceroy View Post
So now that more and more is being revealed about the illegitimacy of FT and the money problems they had/are having, anyone want to believe that maybe FT initiated and sanctioned the PMI scam? Just wondering if people might be changing their tune about FT?

I will always believe this. 3 times they hit me before I changed account numbers. FT definitely knew that PMI was making fradulent charges to it's players in January, yet they never issued a warning or anything to anybody and ignored my e-mails.

In light of everything that has happened, the logical conclusion is that FT knew the schit was going to hit the fan, and they were trying to raise capital.

Are sealed indictments really that top secret? Do you really believe that FT had no prior knowledge of what Alderney was going to do yesterday?

The only people who have been ' Blindsided' by Black Friday and (Predictable?) Wednesday are the players.
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