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Re: Phil Ivey Releases Statement

Hi All,

I am here at the WSOP, I will gladly converse with anyone why I disagree with Phil's approach or on any issue's you have at the PPA booth. I see it as a short term benefit for him to look like a hero to the community. If he solely boycotted the WSOP until players are payed back, that would be admirable. But this lawsuit would only hinder the process in my opinion. All statements I make on my twitter are my personal feelings and opinions and I have rights to those too, and not official PPA statements. I have money stuck on their too, and it is affecting me pretty drastically as well. And to clarify, I have a ton of respect for the 2+2 community and my tweet referenced as the Fox News of Poker, because I see them as people taking advantage of anger and misinformation to their benefit and harnessing that anger in a completely unproductive and self serving way.

Bryan Spadaro
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