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Re: Recent Article - What is "Good Poker"?

Originally Posted by GiantBuddha View Post
I wish I'd read this article in January '07. It would have saved me a lot of time and aggravation. :P
So what did you take from this article? I basically got from it:

1) The math part is teachable/learnable

2) Opponent reading is not so easily teachable

Once you figure out (2) applying (1) makes poker "easy".

My personal feeling here is that we all know this. A shorter way of saying it is, "The problem in poker is the imperfect information".

So it would seem that's the part we should probably all be working on... how to accurately deduce our opponents' likely holdings. Then revert to the odds calculations.

Granted, with the rise of NL makes it a little more difficult IMHO.

How would this article have saved you any effort, just curious, because it seems the hard part, (2) is as hard as it ever was.
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