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Re: Fight for poker rights: Friday, May 13th

I think it is telling that every post on Bill Frist's page that asks him if he received money from Harrahs has been deleted and posters of these messages blocked. Guess the senator is ashamed of his behavior and refuses to own up to it. Since he represents Tennessee it is up to you voters to get him out of there.
When the link is followed (not logged in) it is sad because I know they are deleting poker related post. The only poker related one they left, when the page is first opened, is the one that makes us all sound like uniformed idiots, see above, since of course Frist retired in 07. Followed the link earlier today and there were 2 other post beneath it that made our standard solid points and now they are both gone.

You can expand and see the poll and such but makes me wonder how much editing is being done and makes me sad that they are pretending to give the public a voice and opinions be heard but really its only to serve their own purposes.

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