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Re: Can we discuss Cereus specifically?

I have been asked to post this message on behalf of an employee of Absolute / UB.
A group of investors have made an offer to take over the Absolute Poker/UB non-US business. The new owners were presented to key staff as the new Management of the Operation. They would come in and take over all liabilities of the Non-US database, set up a new network on which they could play and PAY players.

Staff is disgusted to learn that Management of Absolute suddenly terminated the deal with what must have been a heroic group of individuals. However the deal is off. Now Absolute will use all the free funds (not confiscated), about USD 16.000.000, to set up this new business and pay non-US players, in portions. Furthermore they will blame DOJ for US players not being paid.

This also explains why cashout limits where increased in the last days. US player balances are now being used to pay Non-US customers. This is illegal even in Costa Rica or Antigua. It needs to be stopped. Someone needs to be held accountable.

Staff is disgusted by all of this and wants this message to come out. If players don’t organize against Absolute and its owner Blanca Games – the US money will be lost forever. From what my source is saying the only route is to file injunction in Antigua against the legal owner of the company. He runs the show and he controls the money – on direct order from the indicted!

The Management has no intention to pay the US players. They are going to steal their money, once again. This time they will use it to set up a new business. They will claim US balances are held by FBI unless FORCED to act responsibly.

Look at how easy they found 3million to pay employees when there was a risk that all assets in CR were to be to be seized 2 days ago. Blanca games have more than $16.000.000 in cash.

Players need to know this. They need to file injunction against the legal owner Stuart Gordon in Antigua to freeze the funds and file a criminal claim with the local police to send him to jail, if he fails to comply. The Management are collectively defrauding US players to set up a new business. All the Staff want to force the management to do the morally correct thing on behalf of all the players – for once.

US players need to get organized. Many people have balances in the high 100’s of thousands. The US players should between you file a lawsuit in Antigua against the legal owner Stuart Gordon. He has the cash and is cooperating with those indicted on this project. The Staff hope that someone can do this to find a solution for players.

Maybe DOJ can act as well? Somebody should do something.
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