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Re: FTP's Rogue Payment Processor PMI is back again! Double-Charged? Check your statements!

Folks. there is no doubt you all realize that FTP senior mgmt has probably conducted an internal investigation on this felony theft happening (to this day) to their customers/players. Again, who is to say that a FTP employee or some level of low to middle mgmt is not part of this criminal enterprise ring taken place here. (lets hope it is a former employee caught during this internal investigation if this was the case).

But FTP mgmt silence and non involvement is what is scary. If you have nothing to hide, come forward and tell everyone what is still happening so that ALL of FTP members can start checking their bank accounts. Let us know that you found the security breach, how you now have it corrected with future safe guards, that you are going after the former business partner of yours (FTP) that is stealing from your active customers monthly.

Something is FISHY about all of this BEYOND just the felony theft taken place.

And yes, PRESSURE on the NAME PRO's associated with FTP need to start happening if FTP mgmt is not stepping up to the plate.
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