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Re: FTP's Rogue Payment Processor PMI is back again! Double-Charged? Check your statements!

Originally Posted by SpaceGhost View Post
True of nearly everyone who has had the problem with PMI.
*edit* I might have missed your point. I'll leave the post stand for anyone who thinks this isn't FTP's problem, or that they shouldn't at least be doing SOMETHING about it.

Excellent. Please provide your supporting data. Please provide a list of "nearly everyone" so it can be compared to the 30+ paying customers of Full Tilt Poker that came forward and lost money to PMI.

PMI is obviously ripping people off on their own, but that still means Full Tile shared my (and at least 30 other people's -- see list and follow-up posts) banking information with a 3rd party processor (something they explicitly say that they don't do on the page where you provide them with your banking information, even though they know full well they do it), and then, when confronted with this information, they deny it.
  • PMI is bad.
  • PMI knows that they're doing this.
  • PMI, at least in some cases, is using exact amounts of FTP deposits to obscure detection.
  • FTP gave my info to PMI.
  • FTP takes no responsibility for doing so, despite promising not to do so.
So, again, since you're missing it, Full Tilt Poker shared my banking information in express violation of their own terms, and now takes no responsibility for that breech of trust.

Oh, sorry, I gave your bank account information to criminals.... ....good luck fixing it.

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