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Re: FTP's Rogue Payment Processor PMI is back again! Double-Charged? Check your statements!

Originally Posted by SabaAba View Post
I started the thread in NVG.
I'd like to re-iterate that I do not blame FTP for this. I have NEVER had deposit or Withdrawls from FTP go through this PMI company before. Also, the charges do not match ANY amounts that I had deposited.
This was also charged with my wife's name, so assuming they got that information from FTP, my wife has not played or deposited money onto FTP in over 18 months.

I think people started assuming this had a connection to FTP because a couple people had suggested that the only thing they have done that wasn't "legit" was make a deposit onto FTP. I believe I read that there were some people who got these charges who did not have a FTP account.
I'm hoping I'm right about FTP, and of course I'm not ignorant to think that they could potentially be involved somehow, however with all the evidence I have in my situation, I can't see the connection.

With that said, IF FTP has in fact used someone with the name PMI or other 3rd party vendors that this could be, hopefully they're doing some research on their end, I really hope they do address this ASAP.
Gee what a shock, a shady company that does steal people's money with information from FT also steals from people who don't play on FT. ffs

True of nearly everyone who has had the problem with PMI.

Potentially all this means is that PMI got the information from FT 18 months ago.
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