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Re: FTP's Rogue Payment Processor PMI is back again! Double-Charged? Check your statements!

Originally Posted by ih8pocketas View Post
I recently had 2 unauthorized transactions over a 6 days span hit my account. After 2 days and about 6 attempts at calling the number, i finally got a hold of somebody who informed me it was a "glitch" in their system and they will reverse the charges. Took about 2 days got got my money credited back.
Thats how they keep the scam going. If you catch on they say "sorry it was a glitch and we will send your money back" and it looks like a simple mistake. Its the people who dont catch on that they make their money off of. People who dont catch on cant tell anyone about the shady activities they are doing.

Thats like being at a casino and having your wallet sitting next to you and some guy walking past picks it see the guy do it and catch him and his excuse was "sorry i thought it was can have it back"...would you be okay with the fact you got your money back or should you be pissed at knowing he tried to steal from you and the only reason you got your money back was you caught him in the act.
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